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you're mine. OTTOKAJI?

you're mine. OTTOKAJI?

Been into KPOP for quite some years and have absolutely no intention to stop.

♥ ZE:A
♥ B.A.P
♥ B1A4
♥ SHINee
♥ 2NE1

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“I want you back back back back back”

the power of INFINITE’s visual

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romantic date w/ mark

why do i see jeon jungkook in mark at the last image?

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When we are attracted to someone we subconsciously mimic their actions and posture..

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I don’t know if you had already watched this. but W.O.A.H!

trying to protect his bae food

you tried, dae, you tried

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M: I speak 3 languages. Mandarin, American language (ఠ_ఠ) and korean

SD: American language?

GOT7: Hahaha

SD: Can you speak mandarin for us?

M: Mandarin? I’ll have a convo with Jackson

YG: Have a mixed up convo with Jackson hyung

J: (kr) Hyung how are you feeling today?

M: (chi) Still fine, you?

J: (eng) I’m just alright you know

M: (eng) Yeah, I’m just tired

J: (eng) I’m a little bit (chi) just a little

J: (chi) What is the time now?

M: (kr) It’s 1am now?

J: (chi) Have you eaten?

M: (eng) Ah I ate. (chi) What have you eaten?

J: I have not eaten. I only ate a burger in the morning (eng) and…

M: (chi) Yes yes yes yes yes

J: (eng) Aftershow

M: (kr) Arirang?

J: (eng) Yeah

J: (eng) What are you going to do when you go back to the (kr) dorm?

M: (kr) I’ll sleep

J: (chi) Sleep? You’re going to sleep this early?

M: (chi) Yes.. We have a (kr) broadcast (chi) tomorrow

J: (chi) Are we going to Eat GalBiTang later?

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yongguk vs. coffee

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